Sunday, September 17, 2006

Flyff + CS

These are the only two games I'm enjoying.
I tried renting the new Tony Hawk Xbox game and it felt cheap and quickly produced, maybe they're just running out of elements, or maybe they stopped caring and just felt forced to ship out another consumer targeted skateboarding game, either way it's mediocore at best. Counter-Strike however, still seems to hold my interest, while it's not a complex game, it has a strong community and a lot of skill involved. And Flyff is just a free MMORPG Courtney introduced me to. (Think ragnarok+WoW - A giant budget)

Sunday, September 10, 2006


I've recently left been getting into fighting games, MAME roms in paticular. Sam got me into street fighter alpha: 3 and I've found my favorite charectars to be sakura and cammy. I get dominated online. But then again I have to take into consideration that people who play online probably aren't new to it.

Also I've decided to try to install RO (ragnarok online) again, Greg says that he's getting back into it, and I figure I might as well too. It's got a nice art style, even though at its core it's a giant grindfest.

Some stuff going on at school, hopefully I can keep up this year, last year was a disaster, so really it can't get much worse.